62"x40" dirt on mylar and frame 2014
25"x21" found fabric, dirt on a frame 2014
14"x11" found fabric, dirt on a frame 2014
60"x24"" dirt, vinyl on panel 2014
a wise man once told me I need to find my own god
66"x56" dekooning's 'woman I', dirt, tarp, vinyl on stretcher 2014
one king, one crown
36"x20"" basquiat's 'in italian' t-shirt on canvas 2013
stairway to heaven
84"x14" found ladder and postcard of Rothko's No.5/No.22 2013
It was all a dream
24"x20" balloon and fabric 2013
I've got my own
24"x20"francis bacon's 'study of a baboon' on canvas 2013
art on the wheel
48"x23" crate 2013
You & I #3
74"x7" construction sawhorse and plant 2013
You & I #2
60"x50" fabric on stretcher and plant 2013
You & I #1
60"x48" fabric on stretcher on a rock 2013